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Sofie McLeod
Sales Manager
Phone/Fax: +61 871001876
Mobile: +61 420344409

Andrii Nerovnyi
Operations Manager
Phone/Fax: +61 871001876
Mobile: +61 420344408

General enquires: info@plutonrail.com.au
Sales: sales@plutonrail.com.au

PO Box 385
Adelaide SA 5092


Rectifiers are produced for different rated current according to “zero” circuit with smoothing reactor and three-phase “bridge” rectification circuits.

DC Switchgears

Basis of DC Switchgears construction concept is increased reliability and decreased to minimum necessity of maintenance and periodic repair of equipment.

Negative Rail Switchgears

Today attitude towards negative rail switchgears is sufficiently different. In previous versions of negative rail switchgears in metal cabinet there was only disconnector without electric drive and sometimes even without manual drive, but today it is reliable, modern, fully automated units integrated in traction substation control automated system.

Traction network monitoring and protection system SMTN-3

Traction network monitoring and protection system SMTN-3 is appled in switchgear to protect traction network against short circuit currents and unacceptable overloads. Implementation of all protections is based on amplitude-time analysis of protected device voltage and current values.

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