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(equipment for city electric transport and metro traction substations)

Switchgear RU-825 at display booth

Switchgear RU-825
at display booth

Author: Sergey Sechin
(JSC Pluton, Zaporozhye)

Journal MM Money and Technologies. 2004. - 8-9. - P. 42-43

Switchgear -825 became a winner in competition Innovation 2004, held by journal MM Money and technologies during exhibition ElcomUkraine 2004


Electrical engineering, power engineering, electronics three spheres, which are dynamically developed in Ukraine. High scientific and technical potential of our country remained since the times of the Soviet Union had no small share in this. To date domestic enterprises can manufacture modern technique, which is highly competitive with the best world developments.

Closed joined stock company Pluton was founded in 1996 as engineering and manufacturing enterprise. The beginning of activities was connected with development and further manufacturing of separate electrical equipment types for metro and city electric transport. At this the stake was placed on manufacturing of modern science intensive, not worse then foreign analogs of the products.

As far as the company developed product mix widened. At present CJSC Pluton manufactures more then 50 electric equipment types for the needs of metro and city electric transport. In recent years these products were delivered in Ukraine, exported to Russia, Belarus, Baltic states and Uzbekistan.

At the same time with products mix for metro and electric transport increase we developed other directions of the company activities.
At the present time the company has implemented a number of projects and fulfills definite orders in the following directions:

  • AC electric drive of different designations on the basis of induction motors and frequency converters, including traction electric drive;  
  • automatic electric drive;  
  • ACS and APCS for different designation and usage; 
  • high-voltage (up to 7000 V) variable-frequency electric drive; 
  • frequency converters, controlled rectifiers, special power sources, starting devices;  
  • complete electrical equipment for different mechanisms; 
  • automated control systems for blowers, pumping stations, transport rolling tables and other mechanisms.

One of the latest developments of the company DC switchgears for metro and city electric transport substations for 825 V and 600 V (RU-825 and RU-600).

Switchgears line series RU-825 manufactured by CJSC Pluton at Minsk metro traction substation

Switchgears line series RU-825 manufactured by CJSC Pluton at Minsk metro traction substation

Until recently they used switchgears developed still at 70s at most of city electric transport substations. Their serviceability and diagnostics in case of failures left much to be desired. At the same time modern level of electronics development allowed to implement on its basis a number of functions, which simplify and shorten servicing and repairs time, increase reliability of power supply system. In the new developments JSC Pluton managed to implement a lot from the abovementioned, as a result new switchgears substantially better then existing ones in technical and operational characteristics.

Modern switchgears of new generation RU-825 (RU-600) are designed for operation in traction substations in city electric transport (metro) traction network power supply system. Rated voltage up to 1000 V. Power network rated current up to 4000 A.

The units consist of standardized equipment where control, protection and measuring elements are installed. The elements are mounted in specialized modules.

RU-825 (RU-600) has 4 main parts:

  1. module with high speed circuit breaker;
  2. drawout trolley with trolley;
  3. power bus bars and cables module;
  4. automatics and control module.

Switchgears are equipped with microprocessor control and protection system. Microprocessor system at the same time is substation monitoring system.

    - -825

Diploma from exhibition Elcom Ukraine 2004 for the best development in sphere of power transfer and distribution

The system records events, which take place at substation, emergency processes, monitoring of feeder lines loads. Nonvolatile protocol, which is saved in controller memory, is needed for personnel errors detection in case of emergency processes, for analysis of processes order before emergency. Condition of switchgear commuting units is shown all the time on switchgear control panel, located on one of line cubicles. Monitoring system is combined in network with other substations and upper level system central supervisory desk, arranging integrated ACS of traction substations.

Modern technical solutions with usage of leading European electrical companies components are applied in the equipment. Operational application of the new generation equipment will allow to sufficiently decrease dimensions of construction part and general expenses on capital construction.

Application of modern automation systems allows completely to get rid of downtimes in result of personnel faulty actions and also considerably lessens time on failures searching. 

As a result traction substation operation reliability increases, time between periodical inspections extends, equipment servicing and repairs scheduled operation scopes decreases (and in some cases completely absent) what allows to lessen service expenses, losses because of equipment downtimes, and finally gives a possibility to bring city power sector to modern level.

Journal MM Money and Technologies. 2004. - 8-9. - P. 42-43


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