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Modernization of traction substations for Lvov transport power supply. 

LME "Lvovelektrotrans" in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development modernizes DC traction substations for the city electric transport network power supply. The project provides modernization of 19 traction substations and operations control center, including implementation of SCADA and automated metering system.

Modernization of traction substations for Lvov transport power supply

Substations modernization works started in February 2014. Pluton company is the supplier of equipment for the substations modernization. Works supervision is implemented by consulting company Egis enlisted by EBRD.  

Work schedule was drawn up so as to deliver minimum inconvenience to Lvov residents and guests. Major part of works was fulfilled stepwise during the night time.  

At the present time the following works for substation TS-1 (57 Vitovsky st.) are completed: modernization of 6 kV switchgear and 600 V switchgear equipment, activation of autoreclose system for traction units, modernization of control current supply system, installation of hi-tech SCADA and remote control equipment, as well as preparation works for putting automated metering system into trial operation. 

Modernization of traction substations for Lvov transport power supply


Switchgear 600V technical re-equipment, modernization of substation equipment control current supply system and activation of autoreclose system for traction units similar to TS-1 was implemented at substations TS-2 (11A Zamarstynevskaya st.), TS-3 (185 Gorodotskaya st.), TS-4 (77 Nekrasov st.), TS-5 (2 Trolleybus st.), TS-6 (41 Ivan Franko st.). SCADA and remote control system applying the main (wired) and reserve (GSM) communication channels was implemented for the modernized equipment. 

Modernization of traction substations for Lvov transport power supply

The project provides both modernization of existing equipment and its complete replacement with new equipment. Thus, to date weve installed 40 new cubicles 600 V at substations TS-2, TS-4, TS-5, TS-6. 

Modernization of traction substations for Lvov transport power supply

Modern remote control system based on industrial SCADA-system will be implemented on the basis of existing operations control center as part of technical re-equipment. It will significantly reduce time of response to emergency situations in city transport power supply, as well as optimize the number of maintenance personnel.  

The need for modernization arose due to the fact that equipment at existing substations is obsolete, and there are no even spare parts for its repair. 

New equipment manufactured by "Pluton" company improves reliability of rolling stock power supply, significantly extends lifetime of modernized equipment, reduces costs on electrical facilities servicing, reduces power losses and increases safety of equipment operation.

According to preliminary calculations of LME "Lvovelektrotrans", modernization of all traction substations will enable the Enterprise to reduce approximately 20% of its costs.
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