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Supply of unattended modular substation for a new tram line power supply in Vinnitsa.  

A new tram line 1.13 km in length, connecting two main transport branches of Vinnitsa city - Keletskaya street and Khmelnytsky highway, was put into operation on December 19, 2014. The project implementation improved transport connection of Vishenka district.

Supply of unattended modular substation for a new tram line power supply in Vinnitsa 

Acting mayor Sergey Morgunov, chairman of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik, as well as people's deputies of Vinnitsa Sergei Kudlaenko and Gennady Tkachuk took place in official opening.

Supply of unattended modular substation for a new tram line power supply in Vinnitsa

Unattended two-unit modular substation manufactured by PrJSC "Pluton" was installed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply of the new tram line. The company's specialists executed installation, commissioning and startup of the substation. Modular substation is unique and is produced using innovative technical solutions designed to significantly reduce operating costs of substation and increase equipment lifetime. 

Two-unit modular substation

Switching devices applied in equipment have high electrical and operational characteristics to ensure their 30-year service lifetime. They have high breaking capacity, dynamic stability to short circuits and extended life of mechanical reliability. Switching devices also have increased resource of emergency trippings before inspection and reduced necessity in periodic maintenance, up to 1 time per 10 years. These characteristics are significantly higher than similar ones of equipment on outdated traction substations.  

Two-unit modular substation

Maintenance-free terminal connections requiring no control, periodic tightening and cleaning are used in power equipment, helping to reduce costs during the whole life cycle, and also significantly increasing fire safety of equipment and substation.  

Two-unit modular substation

The following equipment is a part of modular substation: 
  • Module
- 2 pcs.;  
  • NEX Switchgear 6 kV - 2 sets;  
  • Traction transformer - 2 pcs;  
  • Rectifier -2 pcs.;  
  • DC Switchgear 600 V - 6 cubicles;  
  • Auxiliary equipment - 1 set
         - auxiliary transformer - 2 pcs.; 
         - auxiliaries cabinet – 1 pc.;
  • SCADA equipment - 1 set.  
Two-unit modular substation

Modular substation is equipped with lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, security and fire alarm systems.  

New modular substation control does not provide presence of maintenance staff and operates in automatic mode. Remote control of substation is possible via fiber optic communication channel from operation control center.  

Company Pluton congratulates citizens of Vinnitsa with opening of a new tram line and wishes Vinnytsa Tram further development and new lines construction!
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