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Opening of new Kiev Metro station “Ippodrom” took place on 25th of October.

“Ippodrom” is the 51st station of Kiev Metro. It is located after “Vystavochniy Tsentr” station of Kurenyovsko-Krasnoarmeyskaya line.

The name of station derives from the nearby Kiev hippodrome.

“Ippodrom” station is faced with white marble and granite. Residents of Kiev have already called the new station to be one of the most beautiful metro stations.

Reliable power supply of this part of metro traction network is provided by usage of up-to-date equipment manufactured by CJSC “Pluton” at traction substation.

Equipment package for traction substation traditionally includes the following modern installations of CJSC “Pluton”: metal-clad switchgear ÊRU 10 kV series NEX, DC switchgear 825 V series RU-825 and RU-825ÎSh, rectifiers series V-ÒPED, traction and step-down transformers RESIBLOC (manufactured by ABB), LV AC switchgear 220, 380 V (ÊRU-0,23, ÊRU-0,4) and DC switchgear 220 V (ShPT-220), charging-rectifying arrangements VTEU and UBP, accumulator batteries, control, monitoring and recording units, catenary equipment (RU-825LR), set of telemetering equipment. Specialists of our company fulfilled installation, commissioning and start up operations at the traction substation

CJSC “Pluton” congratulates Kiev Metro constructors and workers, and also Kiev residents with opening of the new station. Each new station is a great pleasure and achievement.

We wish a speedy implementation of all Metro development projects and opening of new stations!

Switchgear 10 kV series NEX

Switchgear 10 kV series NEX

Switchgear 10 kV series NEX

Converter section of rectifier V-ÒPED and negative busbar switchgear RU-825ÎSh

Converter sections V-ÒPED and transformers RESIBLOC

DC switchgear series RU-825

DC switchgear series RU-825

AC switchgear ÊRU-0,4

Charging-rectifying units VTEU and UBP, DC Board ShPT-220

Charging-rectifying units VTEU and UBP

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