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Suburban passenger railway network (New South Wales, Australia)

Works performed

Supply of equipment for secondary supply inverter for NSW suburban passenger railway network:

  • MAG-129 generator excitation system.

Power generation and excitation systems division of Pluton produces a state of art microprocessor based control systems conjoining voltage regulators and governors for high performance control of all kinds of synchronous machines.

Combination of decades in mastering of precise control systems design for synchronous machines with rotating exciter and developed solid scientific background provides a sophisticated tool to improve availability and dynamic performance of generator.

Our product range supports whole range of Power plant generators:

  • bushless excitation systems, with rotating exciter machines and automatic voltage regulator;
  • static excitation systems, feeding excitation coil directly from IGBT bridges;
  • motor-generator excitation systems.

Regardless of the alternator type, our experts have a capacity to develop required electrical system to meet Customer’s individual power generation needs offering safe, reliable and cost-effective system integration.