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Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lidingöbanan is one of the oldest tram systems in Sweden. The line was opened in 1914 and connected Lidingö island with the center of Stockholm by two tracks. When traffic in Sweden became right driving in 1967 and the main tram systems in Stockholm were closed, the route was significantly reduced, and afterwards the northern track was closed.  

Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lidingöbanan is a prime example of partial modernization and combining of the latest technologies with time proven solutions. This is the only of Stockholm five tram systems, where retro trains were in operation for a long time. 

Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

In summer 2013 the line was closed for a complete reconstruction. Total cost of the project is appr. 17 million Euro. Îne of the project general contractors is Eltel (Sweden). Company Sebab (Sweden) has fulfilled design, selection and supply of equipment for 5 new traction substations of 1,6 MVA capacity: Ropsten, Baggeby, AGA, Högberga, Käppala. Ropsten, Baggeby and Aga are fed with 33kV from SL own network and Högberga, Käppala with 11kV from the public grid.  

Pluton has supplied DC equipment for new traction substations. For the moment Baggeby, Högberga, Käppala and Aga are put into operation. Commissioning works are currently executed at Ropsten. 

Opening of renovated Lidingöbanan line with the new rolling stock is scheduled in 2015. 

Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lidingöbanan Reconstruction (Stockholm, Sweden)

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