For the first time PLUTON carried out supply of DC switchgears 3.3 kV to Estonian Railways (Eesti Raudtee) for Raasiku traction substation More details
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Essential part of PLUTON principles is responsibility to the society and environment.

Employee's rights observance
We meet the requirements to the terms of payment for work, social privileges and payments, obligations of company in the field of labor protection and personnel motivation; we have no discrimination and restriction of employees interests and rights on the basis of their ethnic origin, gender and race.

Providing conditions for safe and comfortable work
The system of professional safety and labour protection management which conforms to the requirements of international OHSAS 18001:2007 standard is accepted in our company. We minimize and control risks, related to the health and safety, and provide our employees with a comfort and equipped workplace.

Social guarantees
Our company offers official employment and complete employee benefits package, timely payment of salary, financial aid in connection with family circumstances (marriage, birth of a child) and in special situations (in case of severe illness of employee, accident etc.), and also the additional paid vacation days for employees with the harmful labor conditions.

Health insurance
Care about the employees' health is an important part of a corporate culture of PLUTON Company. In order to provide maximum social protection, and also for a prophylaxis and personnel health support, our Company offers a voluntarily medical insurance. In case of necessity everybody can get skilled and timely medical care, and also assured compensation for treatment expenses.

Wellness management
We decided to make our contribution into forming of principles of employees' healthy way of life, that's why we are planning to open a gym on the territory of our Company.

Assistance in personnel training
One of the main directions of personnel management is increasing of practical skills and abilities of a personnel. Thus, training, seminars and teaching courses are regularly conducted on the enterprise.

External strategy components include:

Observance of all legislative requirements and business-ethics
PLUTON adheres to the high ethics standards and on principle against any manifestation of corruption. Employees instructions and training are regularly conducted with the purpose of acquaintance with the ethics and anti-corruption standards of our Company.

Our company is actively engaged in the charity activity, supports any high-minded and useful initiatives.

Environmental protection and environmental safety
The main priority of PLUTON activity in the field of environmental protection — tendency to production environmental safety, minimization of human impact on the environment, enterprise personnel  and citizens health.

PLUTON main goal is ensuring of such level of environmental safety, at which impact on environment shouldn't exceed specified regulations regarding air pollution, emissions to water, waste production, whereby risks of emergency situations should be minimized.

PLUTON is based on the following principles in its activity:

  • minimization of negative impact on environment;
  • rational use of natural resources;
  • improvement of PLUTON territories;
  • openness regarding its environmental activity.

PLUTON provides integrated control of environmental protection activity, development and realization of corporate practice in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, coordination of departments activity in this field.

In order to meet the above mentioned principles our Company:

  • meets the requirements of environmental law, standards and regulations in the field of use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • implemented environment management system (EMS) according to ISO 14001:2015 international standard;
  • provides monitoring of environmental conditions on PLUTON territory and sanitary protection zone;
  • constantly improves environmental monitoring, as well as methods and tools of environmental monitoring;
  • applies modern equipment and environmentally friendly technologies in manufacturing processes;
  • work for reducing of waste production volume, emissions into air and discharge into water of contaminating agents;
  • improves talent development framework, enhances personnel environmental consciousness;
  • informs society about environment protection activity.

Fulfillment of set principles provides sustainable development of our Company and improvement of its environmental reputation.

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Standards and values

High standards and responsibility form the greatest value — a Customer's confidence