For the first time PLUTON carried out supply of DC switchgears 3.3 kV to Estonian Railways (Eesti Raudtee) for Raasiku traction substation More details
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functional scalability, simple system extension
functional compatibility of the units with IEC 61850 application
high reliability, data capacity and data transfer rate
high system serviceability and fault tolerance

We offer functional operational control, data acquisition and visualization systems based on SСADA. These systems allow to centrally monitor the status of power supply system, as well as control substations equipment and remote power system facilities operation in real-time.

Our solutions are based on international standards and the latest achievements in the field of IT. We recognize the importance of failure-free equipment operation, as well as reliable, easy-to-use and maintenance-friendly control systems.

Due to system scalability and software and hardware modular architecture, you get an open for modernization and extension power supply ACS (Automatic Control System) from small distribution substations up to the largest Operator control centers. On the experience of already implemented projects, we will help you to turnkey design and construct a modern Operator control center intended for effective integrated control and monitoring of any complexity.

We offer implementation of unified platform, which is much less expensive in comparison with support of a great number of various local systems. Moreover, this platform fulfills automation functions of all the operator control and monitoring process components.


  • data compatibility with various upper level systems due to open technologies and open data exchange protocols (IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, Modbus, DNP3) based on generally accepted international standard IEC 61850;
  • high operator control reliability and efficiency due to application of single database, increasing of operational data volume and enhancement of data reliability;
  • system operability without delays and additional switching due to well-thought-out architecture and "hot" backup;
  • efficient control due to online coordination of operators actions, saving of costs on equipment downtime due to reduction of control and monitoring time both under normal conditions, and during elimination of emergencies and other non-routine situations.

PLUTON control system has a three-level structure:

  • Low level

    Traction substations equipment (switchgears, rectifiers, auxiliaries equipment, etc.) controlSee offers

  • Upper level (operator control)

    Substations remote control and remote monitoring using software and hardware tools of Operator control centerSee offers

  • Middle level (substation)

    Quick acquisition of reliable information about status of the whole substation, monitoring and overall estimation of traction power supply equipment and contact networkSee offers

Operator control system development includes:

  • Post-project works

    Post-project works

    Technical support and training of Customer's experts regarding safe and efficient equipment and technologies operation.

    After-sales services include scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, providing of continuous operation and monitoring of technical condition of installed equipment and systems.

    Customer’s personnel technical training includes learning of technical and operating characteristics of equipment, operation safety rules, maintenance requirements, learning of efficient potential troubleshooting methods.

  • Design and engineering

    Design and engineering

    A full range of works on design taking all technical requirements and specific features of your site into account.

    Our experts carry out examination of dispatching objects, selection of software and hardware tools, development of automation system architecture, design and operational documentation, as well as solutions in the field of design and ergonomics.

  • Implementation


    Correctly installed and adjusted system

    Works on project implementation include manufacturing, programming, adjustment, tests and commissioning of equipment on the Customer's site, integrated equipment supply, construction or reconstruction works, electric installation and commissioning works on the site, system startup.


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